New LED Grow Tents Revolutionize Horticultural Light Reflection

If You are trying to Establish the most reflective surface you need to take under account the wavelengths of the light involved. Fusion Film was designed to reflect only the spectra necessary for horticulture.

Up until today all Grow tents are lined with Mylar, which is a silver reflective material which was created for use with complete spectrum light sources like HID or HP lights. However, the major problem with that sort of light source is that 80 percent of the light reflected has zero value to the plant and is therefore completely wasted.

The new tents are Designed to operate with LED lights and provide a lot more value to the development of the plant. The tents are referred to as PARroom tents – PAR standing for Photosynthetically Active Radiation. LED lights can be made to emit a particular spectrum of light. When you are calculating the capacity of a substance to reflect light you gauge the wavelength of PAR that is travelling through a medium (usually air) to another surface.

Obviously the light Bounces back when it hits the surface and ends up at another place – in this case the plant. The quantity and value of the reflection depends upon the light source, the wavelength of this light, the medium through which the light travels along with the surface where it reflects.


When You are Considering the most reflective surface that you need to be certain about the wavelengths of this light and the media included. Light visible to your eye has a wavelength of between 400 and 800 nanometers. Each wavelength in a spectrum reacts differently to differing substances. As an example, quartz will separate each the wavelengths out and make a rainbow effect.

This new spectrum Technology is the only system that is intended to use the advantages of LED lights to offer the specific spectra necessary for photosynthesis. Called FRT (Fusion Reflection Technology) it collects and reflects back 97.5percent of the light emitted by the LEDs that may be directly of use to the plant.

My other Grow Tent is Simply lined with a simple material developed for use with HID or HPS lights and reflects back a wide spectrum most of that is of no use to the plant, as we have seen.

The new tents are Designed using the best reflective materials built to be used with the LEDs and which reflect the particular spectra necessary for photosynthesis. The exceptional movie incorporated simply outperforms any other tent – even gorilla tents – by providing a dramatic increase in PAR value.

As you would expect, The new tents have all the characteristics of standard tents and much more, such as simple view windows, excellent fabric with just the best zippers, a flow proof flooring and special port sizes.

If you are anything Like me and you are already using┬ábest led light for 4×4 grow tent then you clearly know the significance of the light spectrum. It is simply common sense to make certain you reflect the ideal spectra which will provide the most benefit to your plant.