Tips for Losing Weight with Interval Training

When you are trying to lose weight you do not want me to tell you that you have to engage in some kind of cardio training. The simple fact remains that some sort of cardio will be necessary if you would like to shed weight. Another simple fact is that aerobic training can get fairly boring fairly quickly. It may be OK when you first begin, you might start by using an exercise bicycle, and initially you may only do 10 to 15 minutes. However after a few months your capacity to exercise for more will increase and you might be capable of doing 30, 45 or 60 minutes on the bike. The boredom actually starts to set in if you will need to spend long amounts of time on cardio exercise.

Weight Loss

Not only does it get dull, we also live in a world where time is Often tough to find, so the notion of spending an hour or two doing cardio is enough to make us flinch at the notion. This often contributes too many giving up exercise, just because they do not have enough time. Now there’s a method where you cannot just reduce the time spent on cardio, but dramatically boost the results that you get out of it. This system is known as interval training, and whatever save you time and let you will get much better outcomes is definitely worth having a go.

Interval training means that you do not exercise at the same intensity for the whole workout. It means that you work at different speeds throughout your workout. Now there are numerous cardio workouts which you can do with or without gear. However let’s stick with the case of using an exercise bicycle and you can try this out Say you spend thirty minutes on an exercise bike going at exactly the same rate; it is merely a matter of time until you will need to extend that time over and over in the event that you would like to keep getting results. This is because your body is able to adapt quite quickly to what you are doing.

With interval training you may warm up on the bike going in a steady Pace for around 5 minutes. After those 5 minutes are up accelerate the pace by going as fast as you can for 60 minutes. After the two minutes are up, repeat the procedure over and over until you are on the bike for 20 minutes. Interval training may be used for just about any cardio exercise. You choose whether you would like to use a stationary bicycle, a real bicycle, running, swimming or simply use a skipping rope. This is an excellent way of losing weight without the boredom that accompanies long cardio workouts. The simple fact remains that that there’s very little out there which can be better than losing weight with interval training.